Canada is the northern neighbor of the United States. Some joke that it really is just an extension of the United States, knowing that 90 percent of Canadians live within a hundred miles of the border. However, Canada has more people than is generally thought and is the second-biggest nation in geographical area on the planet.

Knowing the airlines in Canada is good in a lot of cases, even for Americans. For one thing, anyone planning a vacation or trip through Canada should know the airlines in Canada and not just domestic carriers that fly across the border. Not every American airline operates in Canada, so cheaper tickets might be missed if local and Canada-specific carriers aren’t looked at.

Even in cases where a vacation to Canada isn’t the order of the day, but international travel is, looking at Canadian airlines is a good idea. Vancouver is a city with a lot of international connections, as are Toronto and Montreal. Depending on the destination, it can sometimes be cheaper for Americans to fly into Canada, and then on to Asia or Europe, rather than flying directly from the states.

In some circumstances, flying through Canada can even make domestic travel cheaper. A direct flight from Seattle to Miami might only happen a few times a week, and at great expense, but depending on flight times and currency fluctuations, it’s sometimes cheaper to fly quickly into Vancouver, and then cross the continent on a Canadian airline before finishing on an American flight. It’s also a chance to stop and see a few cities along the way.

Anyone who wants to travel across, or in and out of North America needs to know not just the airlines of the United States, but also in and around Canada.