Air travelers have many choices when flying into Canada and when flying out of the country. Here are some of the top airlines that offer great fares and great perks.

Most air travelers are familiar with Air Canada. It is the most popular Canadian airline. It is based out of Montreal but offers many flights to its hubs in Vancouver and Toronto. It is easy to get affordable flights into and out of the major cities of Canada. Choose from economy class or Executive class. Either way, the employees at Air Canada are there to provide maximum comfort to all travelers.

CanJet Airlines is based out of Halifax. This is one of the newest major Canadian airlines. They offer flights on smaller planes, usually 737s.

They offer flights coast to coast and also to the United States to various cities. They do have some international flights available, but this smaller major airline is perfect for Canadians wishing to travel within their large country in comfort at an affordable price. It is self-governed having taken over former airline Canada 3000 over a decade ago.

West Jet is another option which offers safe, secure travels at a great price. They are the number two low-cost airline all of North America. Getting low fares is easy and you never have to wait for sales or special deals. You do have to compromise on some services which are traditionally offered to passengers with the price of a plane ticket on other airlines. This is a great airline that offers guaranteed safety and comfort.

When you need more choices look to other airlines that offer direct, non-stop services to major airports throughout Canada. When travelling to the US, most of these airlines will allow you to go through customs on your way out.